Software Source Code - Flash ActionScript 1, 2, & 3

Flash Action-Script game templates (Volume Discounts available) - AS1,2,3 or any combination as determined by individual product release date and version. Learn how to create your own Flash game from a real-world, provenly successful Flash games. Step by step instructions and design document included. Import this source code into any Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that supports flash game creation. 1-time fee Game license is included with each game template.

Each game template provides options for revenue sharing as an Affiliate; but, requires:

  1. ) Non-disclosure agreement.
  2. ) Inclusion of proprietary (encrypted) remote script.

Software Source Code Features:

  • Proven Code for Proven successful game products;
  • Simple to re-brand and customize with your own graphics and sounds;
  • Fast and lightweight, built with Flash ActionScript;
  • Re-size to fit your website;
  • Fun and addictive games keep your visitors coming back;
  • Customize everything;
  • Add your own preloader graphics;
  • Add your own inter-level messages;
  • Hide or show any game object;
  • Add your own instructions;
  • Countdown clock included;
  • Proven Code for Proven success game product;

Available Game Templates

  • Affiliate Instruction Guide (FREE!)
  • $60.00 Game Template Guide - Maze Generation Package ( Full products details here.)
  • $60.00 Game Template Guide - Jigsaw Puzzles Package (Full products details here.)