Game License

We provide a range of products though as our trusted eCommerce "merchant of record".

Product Options:

(1-Time Fee offers Volume Discounts; Annual Subscription are 1/4 and crowd-funded!)

Purchase a 1-time Game license for your self-hosted Steve Gose Game Studio Renown Game. Hundreds of our syndicates have deployed our games for more than 6 years. Conserve your cash from annual game license subscription(s) while directing your marketing focus on crowd-funding this license at 90% revenues! (Details in our Free Affiliate Guide.) Game licenses are available in two affordable options:

  • Annual Subscriptions, OR as a
  • Single 1-time Fee (Life Time).

Either game license permits:

  • White Label - insert your logo;
  • Anti-theft options freely included and preserves you affiliate revenue generation;
  • Protects your website with FREE Product updates for the first year, and
  • Turns OFF annoying pre-game ads!
  • Increases Crowd Funding revenues! (Details in our Free Affiliate Guide.)
  • Annual Updates and New Game Features subscription with option to crowd fund. (Details in our Free Affiliate Guide.)
  • FREE Reseller option: revenue sharing as a Steve Gose Game Studio Renown Game Affiliate. (opt-in and opt-out)
  • FREE Crowd Funding option: generate greater revenues to pay for 1-time license as a Steve Gose Game Studio Renown Game Affiliate. Read about how to do this in our Free Affiliate Guide! (opt-in and opt-out)

Annual Subscription Benefits:

  • The new "Game License Annual Subscription" preserves your initial capital investment while self-hosting popular game titles. Simply cancel the Game License subscription and the game reverts back to internal pre-launch ads. Subscription prices are 1/4 the invest of 1-time Game license.

1-Time Fee License Benefits:

  • 1-time Game license purchase provides the best option for both the game developer, gamers and web site owners. This permits website publishers higher percentage revenues and gives web site managers a one-time capital investments for renown games while reducing the annoying wait-time pre-game advertisements for your game players. Everyone wins!
  • Volume Discounts available
    • $36.00 each for 15+
    • $38.40 each for 10-14
    • $40.80 each for 5-9
    • $43.29 each for 3-4
    • $48.00 each for 1-2